About us

Who are we?

Established in 2018 with 10+ years of industry experience, Seres Digital carries out its activities with a focus on technology and customers. Seres Digital  provides services with a customer-oriented working philosophy. Blending its mission of effective working with its vision for the future, Seres Digital  works as a part of the customer team by taking the most important role in the Digital Communication of its customers.

As Seres Digital team, we work with the awareness of a team that is happy for brands to meet their target audience in the right channels, follows the feedback of every work we do, and always believes in development.

Developing and Shaping the Digital Future of Brands with innovation and technology, Seres Digital consists of a team that always searches for the new, learns every day to reach information, and puts the customer and digital at the center of its life.

Next Generation 360° Digital Consultant

In line with the needs of the new generation digital world, we conduct 360° digital marketing communication to “Shape the Digital Future of Your Brand” with a focus on sharing knowledge and experience with a strong team.​

  • We analyze the goals and needs of our customers correctly.
  • We develop strategies suitable for the needs of our customers and work with the optimum budget and maximum return-oriented work.
  • We provide customer-oriented ‘next generation digital consultancy’ service with our team that draws its strength from its experience in the sector.